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Potholes in the Road to Success: A Personal Journey From 'Hungry and Homeless' to Home Business Millionaire!

From the Desk of Rob Fore

If not you, who? And if not now, when?

It's December, 1990...

I'm 29 years old and homeless.

I sleep on a urine-stained mattress I found in a ditch on the side of the road.

It was just lying there so I pulled off the freeway, hefted it up out of the ditch and gave it a quick once over for bugs, spiders, mold and slime before tossing it into the back of my old Izuzu pickup.

​When it rains, I pull a massive plastic tarp I snagged from a commercial dumpster over the entire bed of the truck and... voila! I have a roof over my head.

The smell, though. OMG!

​It took me at least two days to stop gagging on the smell. It was just that nasty.

​But I did. Eventually.

​Which is a frightening thought, really.

Because  I was getting comfortable being miserable  and that is NOT a good place to be.

Fast Forward to 2016...

​Today Lisa and I work together from the comfort of our 2nd home.

​We earn a multiple six-figure income, attend church, drive new cars, give to charities, travel when and where we want, and spend lots of time with our two boys.

​Are you ready to make a change?


​Like, 'this is it' ready?

​Because anything short of being honestly ready to:

    1. ​Take care of yourself (first & foremost)
    2. Purposely take your business, income and lifestyle to the next level...

​... is a complete waste of time.

​And only you know if you are ready...

Honestly ready...

To finally give yourself permission to get past all the hurts, habits and hang ups have been holding you back for... what? Years now, right? Years! And finally give yourself permission to be, have and do what you want, when you want and with whom you want.

​Are you getting cozy with mediocrity?

​If so, perhaps we should talk more about that, as well.

Because stuck is stuck, right?

And getting comfortable is just ONE of the time-sucking, wallet-busting, energy-draining, spirit-sapping, 'seriously dangerous to your health and wealth' POT HOLES in the road to success.

One of many along the way.

One of many.

The good news is, traveling together, we can avoid most of them...

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